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Lilac Lavender & Embossed Jewish Wedding Invite with Green Monogram and Wax Seal

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This exquisite invitation, inspired by the beauty of Provence, France, features an enchanting blend of olive and lavender hues. The green monogram adds a personalized touch, while the wax seal adds a timeless and sophisticated finishing detail.

The lavender envelope liner introduces an additional layer of refinement, setting the stage for the invitation's grand reveal.

To match the lavender, the main invitation's backing paper is in a kunzite hue, providing a soft yet striking contrast.

The suite's main invitation stands at an impressive 165 x 235 mm, making a grand statement.

This invitation for a Chuppah, is presented in both English and Hebrew, embracing the cultural heritage with grace.

Intricately embossed lavender motifs adorn the inserts and day invitation, echoing the delicate vellum pattern and creating a cohesive and enchanting visual narrative.

Each set is accompanied by a separate pocket, designed to house additional inserts, ensuring that every detail is conveyed with utmost elegance and organization.


1.Selection & Personalisation

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2. Proofs & Review

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Once you are happy with the design, your stationery will be printed within 15 working days and +3-4 days to be shipped.


If shipping using the USPS system, due to the specific nature of the product, we recommend mailing your invitations in person at the post office with special requests for hand cancellation and non-machinable mail.

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