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Terms & Conditions

General Provisions
Each client undertaking cooperation with is obliged to read the regulations and by placing an order, the client accepts the regulations in full.
This document is a form of agreement between the Cartalia Ltd and the Customer using our services.
This website is operated by Cartalia Ltd, Registered in England No. 10942428. Our postal address is: Suite 1, 440 King's Road, SW10 0LH, London, United Kingdom
When choosing to place a deposit payment with us to secure your order, a quote will be provided with costs & prices as listed on the day of the commission. The quote will remain valid for 30 days from the date it is sent to you. It may be accepted by you at any time during this period. To avoid any misunderstanding as to whether or not a quote has been accepted, we must have received your acceptance in writing (email is fine) within this period. Quotes are provided on the basis of the information that has been provided to us in writing, prior to the quote being prepared and on the assumption that there are no additional or unusual circumstances that may apply to the order (such as very short deadlines, changes to your delivery address or details or any other matters which may impact on our ability to commence, continue or complete your order). Any changes that you make to your order which are not envisaged by our quote shall not be binding on us unless we expressly accept them. We reserve the right to request additional payments if the changes require additional work.
Terms of Use
2.1 Using the online store means that the Customer accepts these regulations in full. The website and logo are the property of Cartalia and are protected by law. Materials contained on the website including: texts, graphics, photos, can not be copied and used in any way.
2.2 Orders on the website may only be submitted by Customers who have completed the order form or registered and become acquainted with the content of these Regulations, accepting it. To create an individual customer account, complete the registration form.
2.3 Personal data provided by the Customer during registration and e-mail address will be used to fulfill orders, settle them and deliver them to the correct address and contacts when processing orders. By accepting the regulations, the customer agrees to receive information via electronic mail.
2.4 The Customer's account on the Website may be terminated by the Company in the event of non-compliance with the regulations or in the event of termination of cooperation with a given Customer.
2.5 The Company reserves the right to store data relating to the Customer (data entered during registration) and account history, i.e. all data regarding the Customer's orders whose account has been deleted.
Process of Submitting and Realising Orders
3.1 The conclusion of the contract (placing an order) takes place at the moment of delivery by the customer of all files and data necessary to perform the contract.
3.3 All orders are carried out carefully, accurately and as soon as possible. The time of order completion should be consistent with the information given on the website. In special cases, this period may be extended, about which the Client will be informed.
Please note that we reserve the right to change these terms at any time – we will notify you of any changes made in correspondence.
3.4 Permissible tolerance of non-conformity of the ordered product with the product obtained is 3 mm.
3.5 The publisher is not responsible for delays due to improper preparation of files for printing by the customer. In this case, the order delivery time is counted from the beginning - from the moment the Customer delivers the files for printing in the correct form. 
3.6 The publisher is not responsible for delays during busy periods i.e.: Jan- March
Customer when placing the order, on the terms and prices described on the website. The delivery dates provided on the website are only indicative.
3.8 Orders completed are delivered to the address provided during registration or when placing an order.
3.9 If you wish to receive a VAT invoice, please provide information about this fact and the subject data in the comments for the order. If this annotation is not included in the comments for the order, issuing a VAT invoice on the basis of a receipt will be possible only if the receipt is delivered to the Company's office no later than 7 days from the date of issue.
Materials for Printing
4.1 The Client bears full responsibility for legal defects resulting from the content and form of files delivered for printing, including also for any infringement of third party rights. The customer declares that the files sent are virus-free and will not cause software or computer hardware malfunctions. The Company is not responsible for incorrectly preparing files for printing.
4.2 Orders are printed in the form in which they were delivered to the Company. The publisher is not responsible for the poor print quality resulting from the parameters of the files received. Defects caused by low resolution of uploaded files, degree of compression, incorrectly used color profiles or unspecified remarks to the order are not subject to complaint.
4.3 Due to the variety of monitors (screens) as well as the related differences in the display of colors - prints may differ in terms of color compatibility with what the customer sees on their monitor (screen). The variety of color profiles used for printing machines is also the reason for the color differences between printouts, photo prints, as well as photo printouts from the home printer. Therefore, the Company does not respond to the effects of bad calibration and incorrectly selected color profile in the customer's monitor.
Forms of Payment
5.1 The customer can choose the payment method when placing the order: - payment by bank transfer - PayPal
5.2 Payment by bank transfer (value of the order: cost of the item + shipping costs) should be made to the company account indicated after placing the order. The product will be sent after the payment is credited to our account. In special cases, if we can not process the order (no availability), the full amount will be returned to the account indicated by the customer in the shortest possible time.
5.3 PayPal payments - the customer can make a payment via PayPal by direct bank transfer from his bank or by a payment card + cost of transactions fee's.
6.1 Delivery costs are borne by the customer (unless the offer says otherwise). The shipping cost is given for each product depending on the chosen payment method.
6.2 Shipments are made via Royal Mail / Hermes UK / Fedex throughout the country and abroad.
6.3 All packages we send are carefully packed in a way that guarantees the safety of goods during transport.Whilst we will take care to package your stationery as safely and securely as possible, we cannot be held liable for late delivery, loss or damage in transit.  Responsibility for damage to or loss of goods shall pass to you on the postage.
6.4 Before collecting the package, pay attention to whether it carries any signs of damage or opening. The customer has the right to check the contents of the package in the presence of the courier after signing the consignment note. In the case of mechanical damage to the goods or non-compliance with the order, ask the courier to write down the damage report, which will be the basis for any complaints. Only with such a protocol signed by the courier will be considered complaints about damage to the goods.
6.5 All parcels sent by a courier company will require a signature upon delivery.
Complaints about errors in the text of invitations / additions may only be considered if the printed version differs from the project accepted by the client. If an error appears on the paper version (in dates, words, letters or substance), which was not in the final version of the project accepted by the customer, then it is the basis for complaints, in other cases the complaint will not be accepted. If the products sent have technical defects or damage caused during delivery, the customer is obliged to inform us by e-mail within 48h - 72h of delivery / arrival of goods, and then send back (within 8 days of delivery) to the address indicated (at customer's own expense), respectively secured goods that are the subject of a complaint. As all our products are bespoke and made to order we are unable to offer refunds.If your items are damaged or there are any issues we will work on resolving the matter and making replacements if necessary
Condition for the Customer's claims is to check the package upon receipt and to complete the damage report in the event of damage or shortages of goods, as damage may be caused by the courier company  - any lost or damaged  / delayed goods due during shipment Cartalia Ltd is not held responsible for. 
We review complaints within 14 business days of receiving the shipment with the returned products.
The color differences between the project (viewed on the monitor) and the finished printout that may occur result from technical reasons (differences between the RGB and CMYK mapping, individual monitor settings) and can not be the subject to a complaint. Individual hand-made invitations and accessories may differ slightly and can not be the subject to a complaint.
Full colour printing – All reasonable efforts shall be made to obtain the best possible colour reproduction on customer’s work but variation is inherent in the print process and it is understood and accepted as reasonable that Cartalia shall not be required to guarantee an exact match in colour or texture between the customer’s photograph, transparency, proof, electronic graphic file, previously printed matter or any other materials supplied by the customer and the printed article the subject of the customer’s order.
Cartalia Limited is committed to making every effort to ensure that the elements are of the highest possible level.
Withdrawal from the Agreement & Cancellations
10.1 Once an order is placed online and drafts are commissioned we will not accept any cancelations or refunds.
A refund of 50% will be granted if no artworks have been started but order has been placed. 
10.3 Any deposit payments made towards your order are non-refundable and are credited towards the work commissioned - if Bespoke Fee is paid for this also is a non refundable fee to commence digital artworks and consultations.
10.4 Upon order placed on basis of quantities, Cartalia reservers the right to only alter the order within + 10 or - 10 in quantities.
Final Provisions & Marketing 
11.1 The Client declares that one has read these regulations, accepts its provisions and undertakes to comply with them. In matters not covered by these regulations, generally applicable laws will apply.
11.2 The publisher reserves the right to change the regulations without having to inform the clients.
11.3 The service client can only be an adult who is over 18 years old and has full legal capacity.
11.4 Cartalia Limited reserves the right to amend the regulations. For new orders, the current regulations are published on the website. For orders in progress, the regulations from the date of order are binding.
11.5 By undertaking cooperation, the customer accepts the regulations in full.
11.6 Personal data is processed only for the purpose of completing the order. Cartalia Limited does not use them in any other way.
11.7 Cartalia Limited reserves the right to publish any designs printed for social media, advertising, marketing and promotional materials on the Internet of course removing any personal data. 

Cartalia Designs Notice

All copyrights for our designs are the exclusive property of Cartalia. Unauthorized sharing or use of our files and artworks is strictly prohibited without explicit written consent. Usage fees for both monograms and other designs are available upon request.


Contents of the Site : Design And Author Concepts Are Designed By Cartalia Ltd And Are Protected By Copyright Rights. Any Sample Of Copying And Reselling Designs, Projects, Photos And Ideas Are Prohibited.


Each client undertaking cooperation with is obliged to read the regulations. Ignorance of the regulations does not absolve the customer from the principles contained in it. By placing an order, the client accepts the regulations in full.