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Please note all of our samples come non-personalized in stock colours, only day invitations are supplied to showcase the quality of our work. We cannot supply you with other items (e.g., the order of service, RSVP). You can order our samples in one of the following ways:

1. Choose your desired and add them to the basket. 

Please note: That we have on stock Day Invitations for samples to showcase the quality of our work.

Samples are from stock so may differ slightly.

Whats included will be listed in the items description. 

If you have any questions then please speak to a team member via email.

Apply code SAMPLES to receive free sample shipping.

2. You can also e-mail us your desired samples to and we will send you a PayPal request for the relevant amount.

Please Note: Sample shipments can become delayed if your order falls between shipments of new samples to your head office.